Because Sidespin is now Puzzlespin, I thought I would throw my hat into the ring with a few children's texts puzzle. I have to imagine that these will go quickly. Sharting did too, but he's way much smarter than me.

Here's the deal: I give you a sample of dialogue from the theoretical text and you tell me the title of the children's book of which I have dropped one letter. I also may have changed punctuation too. For example,

"My heart be bigger than the tallest trees, so get down on your goddamn knees." Which, obviously, is from Guess How Much I Love, Yo.

1. "Thank god those fatties didn't come to our party!" Where the Wild Thins Are

2. "You were a fucking stallion tonight, even for a cow. I think the whole barnyard heard us." "You need to go home now." Goodnight Moo.


3. "I feel like I could drive this ball for miles. I can't putt for shit, though." The Giving Tee

4. "For a quadruped, you can really brew some outstanding beer." The Ale of Peter Rabbit

5. [waits for the laughter to die down after announcing meal order] Green Eggs and Ha!


6. "My client let me have this placenta! Mmmm... it's delicious!"

#6 is The OB-bit

I'm sure I've forgotten some critical instruction that will make this impossible to solve, but that's your problem. See, I already know the answers.