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Choose Your Own Drunken Liveblog Adventure!

My wife and kids are out of town again so I'm feeling up for another couple patented ABBs drunken liveblogs. If you're wondering why I can only do this when my family is out of town please feel free to father three boys under six and try not to kill yourself while raising them.

I can't make up my mind on what movies to do so I'm leaving it up to my fellow sidespinners (I know you guys love voting! Isn't the commenting tournament great and not tedious and unnecessary?). The theme this time is the movies from the 90s that I've seen at least 30 times. Polls close Monday COB (i.e close of business, meaning first thing Tuesday morning (It's a thing people in business do (I'm in business))).


Edit: Sorry for the formatting issues with the embedded poll, Kinja is a piece of shit.

Update: Polls closed, Clerks and Mallrats it is. I'll probably have them out by this weekend.

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