It was recently observed that Gawrker was not responsible for revealing the identity of the woman in the now-debunked NYPost bug/performance art piece as Ashley Feinberg. We’re sorry. Here’s what happened.

Put simply, we were not aware that others were chasing the same scoop and beat us to press. The comment section of Jalopnik does not receive the same traffic as Gawrker, so naturally we were attributed with breaking the story.

All of our sourcing and corroboration were done independently of all other reporting up to and through when we went to press. We stand by our original reporting, though our standards of integrity in journalismism mean that we should acknowledge they broke the story. A link to the initial report can be found below.

We feel obligated to inform our readers that Veronica de Souza has yet to issue a retraction or apology for portraying Ms. Feinberg as a bug-crazed lunatic instead of a bug-crazed performance artist. We sincerely hope our acknowledgement will spur her into such action.