Anonymous commenting is what initially gave me, and I’m sure most of you, the courage to comment on Deadspin. I have not participated in social media or blog-style websites until Deadspin, and most of you wonderful people are to blame for even getting me over onto Twitter (Along with my inability to save a burner key). I’m very grateful you guys and girls did.

However, I have to respectfully disagree with Raysism’s earlier post regarding the couple “parody” (or whatever you prefer to call them) accounts. Most of us operate here in some degree of anonymity, whether due to workplace regulations, simple preference, or, like I, privacy concerns. Anonymity is something we all both take for granted and treasure here and elsewhere. And, to me, whether you prefer to keep a single account or multiples (should you lunatics somehow have time for this) is perfectly of your own concern.

I readily admit I don’t get Farthong, chid, or Something’s A. Foote, or who all else may operate in this manner, but I’m a redneck castoff who likes fishing and saying stupid things about sports. But declaring “amnesty” (whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean) over whether someone enjoys indulging in the bizarre or excessive is pointless, pretentious, and silly. We tell jokes about sports, for god’s sake. I am deeply grateful to guys like Shitehawk and whoever you two gentlemen are running the “secondaries” that maintain the Roundups. You guys have effectively rebooted commenting, and given lots of us new guys direction, guidance, and a sense of community. But calling “amnesty” and effectively playing a bully cop to folks who apparently enjoy what I’d call playing different characters is frankly stupid.

I pulled up Sidespin last night to check for the Roundup, and there it was, but it was the next post down. Farthong’s, uh, “thing”, was sitting up top. I had to, at great cost to my patience, time, and effort, scroll down an entire fucking introduction to his article to get to the one I actually wanted to read. It was painful. So yeah, that’s unacceptable. I’d suggest we don’t share his posts. We don’t share chidspin, but damned if I don’t wander over there occasionally to see what he’s up to. (Alright, dammit, I like chid.)


That all said, what I’m getting to is that this “secondary account” drama is pointless. Primary or secondary or fucking tertiary, whatever, what the community has to help enforce is the guidelines of the Commetariat and that (as discussed very well last night) the fair treatment of all commenters, regardless of known or implied age/race/nationality/gender. What we do here on a regular basis is kill time, and try to be funny. I don’t care how it’s done, who does it, why they bother, etc. What I do care about is seeing the Deadspin community to continue to operate as a community, not a police state. We already have close enough to one of those.