I'm loving these NBA Finals for a lot of reasons, and one of the big reasons is because I'm loving hating on LeBron. I'm a sucker for athlete hate. And if you aren't hating on LeBron, you're missing out on some prime hate.

Hate doesn't have to be rational. LeBron didn't fuck my girlfriend or run over my dog; that would give me an entirely rational reason to hate him. That kind of hate isn't fun.

Irrational hate is fun. There are far more reasons to love LeBron - including his immense talent, his seemingly good heart and goofy-ish sense of humor - than to hate him. But, as BronzeHammer noted, love is boring. Hate is fun. I fucking love hating on LeBron.

Have you noticed LeBron's hairline is receding? What a piece of shit. What kind of "king" loses his hair? What's that you say? Take off my hat? Fuck you and fuck LeBron. If I had half a billion dollars I wouldn't be losing my hair, that's for sure. I'd be goddamned perfect.


If you aren't from Florida or on LeBron's payroll, why would you choose to be missing out on all this good hate?

See, here's the thing about hate when it comes to great athletes: it eventually runs out.

Look at Kobe. When Kobe was in his prime, people HATED him. He was too serious, too competitive (to the detriment of team chemistrrry!!11!!), and too selfish. Also, he may have assaulted some girl. But today? That hate is gone. Who hates Kobe anymore? After five championships and a work ethic that's unlike anything we've seen since MJ, what more is there to hate? He's entered the grizzled veteran stage of his career and his haters, even the most dedicated haterz, will at least begrudgingly acknowledge respect for him.


LeBron may add a second championship tomorrow night and will probably add more on top of that one. Eventually, it's going to become stupid to hate him. You're going to run out of hate bullets.

Now is the time. In fact, if the Heat win tomorrow night, time will be running out soon. The time to hate LeBron is now.

LeBron is a horrible, egotistical manchild. He shit all over his hometown and took the easy route to a championship. He revels in a manufactured glory that he's yet to truly earn. He relies on self-created challenges for motivation and continues to live in some fantasy land where he's perpetually the underdog.


Fuck LeBron. I hope the Heat lose by 30 tomorrow.