A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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Ok, so we’ve all experienced a sensation called Déjà vu. The translation, from the French, means “already seen.” You know what I’m talking about - when you pause for a minute because something feels so incredibly familiar sometimes. It’s as if you have already lived this one particular moment. Every detail is so vivid. You have seen this before, you have experienced this before. That’s the curious wonder of Déjà vu. I fully and completely believe in Déjà vu because I’m a firm believer in the Multiverse Theory. I know they exist within each other and dependent on each other, and I’ll explain why.  

The Multiverse Theory is this: because our Universe is simply one of many, the odds that it’s simply one of an infinite number of repeating universes is great. By this I mean that there are an infinite number of our experiences being played out on an infinite number of Earths within an infinite number of parallel universes surrounding our existences. These infinite worlds (similar, but not the same as ours) offer each of us our existence albeit with changes running from slight and subtle to drastic. It’s like the idea that you are driving your car to a certain destination. If you pause at a stop sign too long, your future changes. If you speed through a yellow light instead of slowing, your future changes. If you turn right instead of left, even though your destination is actually on the right and you eventually get there, by turning left you have changed your future as opposed to the future you would have had if you had originally turned right. You still arrived at your destination, but the future has changed by one degree or another. So if you understand what I mean with regard to a Multiverse, we can logically proceed to the reality of Déjà vu, which is created by and also in conjunction with the Multiverse.


Déjà vu is a direct result of living in a Multiverse. I believe it’s a breakdown (or weakening) of the cosmic walls which separate us from the our other existences in the Multiverse. The reason the experience of Déjà vu seems so vivid and real is because it is vivid and real. We’ve already experienced it in another parallel universe of our existence. I have also come to believe that Déjà vu can act as a bit of a warning whenever we may get too close to making a stupid decision. Sometimes our parallel lives open up a bit to show us a what-could-have-been and allow us our most basic inner function: self-preservation.

While the theory of the Multiverse may be debated, the very real experience of Déjà vu can not. Everyone has experienced it, and felt some recollection so very real that it can’t be denied. The Multiverse exists on differing planes of time, so that the Déjà vu can be something as recent as “five seconds ago” or as many as years ago. That is why it is so vivid. So whatever decision you make in your every day life, that decision has existed and changed multiple times already somewhere out in the Multiverse, to varying degrees of success and ever-changing outcomes. Somewhere out there is an entirely different you, and occasionally that different you sends the original (or at least what we perceive as “original”) a message or warning from out in the vast Multiverse. Pay attention.

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