So, here’s INeedToGetLeyd, an asshole, located in the Scheming NFL Beat Writer post:

Why? Fuck that. That’s the business. The media landscape, especially for local reporters, demands that you break news and do it sometimes exclusively. I was on his side until he apologized to her honestly.

And no, subtweeting “no comment” is not taking a high road. Not doing a tweet at all that clearly is a response to that would’ve been taking the high road.

Love too be the guy who is on the side of a shitheel until he apologizes for being a shitheel. Anyway, here comes HoldTheDoorAndREMEMBERYOURKEY to lay down some honest regulation:

Found the asshole who plays politics with his manager, thinking he’s being sly, then wonders why no one says goodbye when he’s inevitably fired.


Probably not how I would describe INeedToGetLeyd (an asshole and a sociopath who belongs in a toilet), but, hey, I respect the effort. INeedTogetLeyd obviously does not feel the same:

can I respond now or do you want to do a fourth edit to your comment?

OK. Common sensibilities aside, this is a solid comeback. I chuckled. But it was not enough to scare away our man HoldTheDoorAndREMEMBERYOURKEY, who fired back with a burn of his own:

No, you shouldn’t respond. People are waiting for their Taco Grande’s. Do your job.


Don’t worry. INeedToGetLeyd is not even mad. He’s laughing! Ha ha! Please bring him more of the burnsauce:

oh man. So many original insult attempts! More please!!

We are nowhere close to finished, my friends:

Sometimes there is no better insult than the truth.

And on:

oh cool. We definitely agree there. Sooooo, this is awkward, but should I just wait here for that to happen orrrrrrrrrrr..........


And on:

By all means, way here until the end of time, moron.

And on:

kinda like curds and whey?

OK, I don’t really get that one. But please, don’t let me interrupt!

Just like that.

Just like that, you guys.