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From the T-Mac and Q Post. Meet GonnaBeDeadSoon:

Oh please.

You make it seem as if the Spurs are expecting McGrady to go 48 minutes every game for them. He'll be in and out, no more then 20 minutes tops. And you can be damn sure he's not gonna bitch about it.

And no, I'm not a Spurs or MaGrady fan, just someone who can be at least semi-objective about sports unlike every other commentor and 'reporter' on this site.Yesterday 6:12pm


And a single reply:

You're a fun one. Yesterday 6:50pm


Pretty intense, guy. TheCaptainsTubing's reply seems harmless enough. How would GonnaBeDeadSoon handle it?

Yeah, no. I lost interest in rooting for a particular team or player or being even a semi-hardcore fan after having my uncle beaten into a coma and my brother getting his arm and leg broken at an Eagles game because we dared to cheer for the Redskins and having to sit near some drunken oik who screamed racial slurs and obscenities for 4+ hours and having to explain that to my 7 year old nephew and having EVERY sporting event turn into an excuse to get piss shit and puke all over yourself drunk and shriek obscenities and racial slurs simply because "FREE SPEECH FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/I PAID (INSERT X AMOUNT OF MONEY HERE SO THAT ENTITLES ME TO DO WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT AND NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILTY FOR MY ACTIONS."

And you seem to agree whole heartedly with that mindset. Thanks for taking what was once an enjoyable time and completely and utterly ruining it. Bravo. Yesterday 8:33pm


Whoa! I mean, whoa! We've changed sports and venues and everything! Something strange and volatile and totally unexpected has taken place here. It's time for the voice of reason to intervene. Meet ChickenandBeer.

so why do you come to a board about sports if it hurts you so much to see people have fun with it? Yesterday 8:50pm


It's not an unreasonable question. The ball's in your court, GonnaBeDeadSoon!

So putting people into a coma and breaking their arms and legs because they cheer for the opposing team is not only acceptable behavior to you, but is also fun. As is having to sit next to a drunk oik for 3+ hours and being deafened by their endless shrieking of obscenities and racial slurs.


I guess you also think it's acceptable behavior to go to your local movie theater and get piss shit and puke all over yourself drunk and sit in the theater shrieking profanities at the screen for 3 hours. After all you bought a ticket so FREE SPEECH FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, right?

Or if you and your oik pals are Apple fanboys and you see someone using a lenovo laptop it's perfectly acceptable and legal for you to beat him into a coma and break his arms and legs, right? Yesterday 10:30pm


Oh boy. Oooooooooh boy. Boy oh boy. Man, man.

Bring the realness, ChickenandBeer. Bring it hard and fast.


Strong start.

Re read what I said. You took it wrong. Why do you come to a sports blog if it hurts you to see people making sports related jokes to where you have to be that serious about things is what I meant. Im not shitting on your situation. Ive had my own run in being a new yorker down at an Eagles Giants game, so I know where you are coming from.


But that experience seems to make you unable to have further fun with sports, which I understand. I dont understand why you would come to a site thats job is to have fun with sports then, is what I was asking.

And a right! A left! Another left! He's got 'em on the ropes!

Sorry if it came across wrong. But also, you need to try to read things a little more and not over react, cause no one had fun with your story. I was referring to you being all serious about the other funny gag that was happening


and also, how would you make the leap that the commenter agreed whole heartedly with a sentiment of its good to almost kill someone simply cause he said you were no fun about Tracy McGrady. I know you had your struggles dude, but you gotta really stop projecting that everyone feels that way when they give no other indication of anything. All he did was say you were no fun in the mcgrady thread, it had nothing to do with you being beaten, which he didnt know. so you sayin "And you seem to agree whole heartedly with that mindset. Thanks for taking what was once an enjoyable time and completely and utterly ruining it. Bravo" When he didnt even have a CLUE that you had that sentiment kinda makes you a dick in this one.

NO ONE thinks what happened was ok. So stop thinkin we all do when NO ONE EVEN KNEW ABOUT IT Today 12:56am


Several solid, reasonable points are made here, but it's really the bro and dude that cut through all the hostility and establish a relationship. Empathy. Empathy is key. Empathy, it turns out, is a biological imperative linked closely to oxytocin, a mammalian neurohypophysial hormone which is produced most acutely during (you guessed it) child birth. Empathy is then "taught" to offspring by the actions of a caring mother. Did you know dogs and crows and primates demonstrate morality? Crazy, right? It's true! Morality and kindness aren't the same thing, you see: morality involves rules that acknowledge the importance of the group over the individual, and dogs, chimps, and even crows have been observed not only sacrificing self-interest when following community rules, but even revolting when confronted by perceived unfairness or unequal treatment! Amazing!

Will it work? Back to you, GonnaBeDeadSoon:

Sorry about that,

Good, good . . . go on . . .

I'm just at the end of my rope, literally and while I enjoy Deadspin and the humor of the writers, and the semi-seriousness of some of the pieces here, when it comes to violence on the field and injuries, concussions and such, when I read the pieces about violence in the stands like happened in England a few days ago and then read comments from posters making fun of the situation, it hits deep, knowing what I've gone through. And yeah I'm projecting a little, but it's pretty obvious there's been an increase in asshole fan behavior in the US over the last 10-15 years. And yeah, it doesn't compare to when Jackie Robinson first came in the league with the Nigger!!! stuff that he had to put up with, now it's worse.


Yes, yes . . . good . . . uh huh . . . wait NO! NOOOOOOOOO!!!

Pardon me, please. Do go on.

Seriously, what what is wrong with you (Not you specifically) and your life if you have to get piss your pants drunk in order to enjoy a sporting event and shriek obscenities and racial slurs until you lose your voice? I can't understand that mindset.


And it's not like the stuff is isolated to Philly fans. Or NY/Boston fans. It's filtered down to high school and minor league baseball now.

Anyway, none of this really matters, because my user name is true, I am gonna be dead soon, a couple of weeks at most.

Sorry for going off like I did and misinterpreting what was written. Today 1:14am


The power of empathy. Conflict: resolved. Hostility: eased. GonnaBeDeadSoon: gonna be dead soon.

Suck it, terrorists.

(EDIT: GonnaBeDeadSoon just can't be stopped. Look at him go!)