A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

There’s only one thing that’s somehow more upsetting than a Trump Presidency, and it’s this unending, mewling response from neo-liberal “pundits” and commenters. And I am so fucking sick of it.

Let’s start at the top here. Enough of this whining and blame policing that’s nothing more than thinly-veiled entitlement. You are not entitled to the Sanders vote. You are not entitled to the labor vote. You are not entitled to the Stein vote, or the Johnson vote. You are not entitled to the male minority vote, just as you are not entitled to the female white vote. You are not entitled to ANY vote, and you are sure as fucking hell are not entitled to a Hillary Clinton Presidency. The shrine of Democracy that you have dedicated every avenue to building up over the last 2 years has spoken, and you do not like what it had to say. Period.

While we are on the topic of entitlement, let’s get a few more out of the way. You are not entitled to publicly voice your opinion within what you idealize as a safe space. If you do not like what Twitter has to say about your opinions, then do not tweet. If you do not want to end up in arguments on Facebook with high school friends you haven’t talked to in 8 years, then log off. You are not immune from criticism and dissent.


You are not entitled to a President elected by popular vote. You agreed to play by these rules, and you lost. No matter how incompatible you think the Electoral College is with democratic equality, the first tenant of equality is we all play by the same rules, and those haven’t changed in 200 years. Get over it.

You are not entitled to a 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court, another rule you seemingly agreed to play by as a byproduct of this cock-sure attitude that you had nothing to lose when Congress said “we’ll let the will of the people speak in November.” Where was the outrage then? You can be upset about the result, but we’re talking about a seat that was held by Antonin fucking Scalia. You can give it a rest.

On that note, you can also give it a rest that the only losses Democrats suffered was the Presidency. “Polls show we’ll have 51 in the Senate” WHOOPS only got 48. In the 12 gubernatorial races Democrats flipped zero seats and lost 3. The gains in the House were barely 10% of the largest deficit the party’s faced in 100 years. If you think losing the Presidency is the Democrat’s biggest problem – not outrage, problem – then I hope you stop vomiting for long enough to pull your head out of the toilet to see what’s happening across this country.

So stop pretending that just one race was decided on Tuesday and that it came down just to fascism. Or racism. Or sexism. Or all three. Stop with the false equivalency, and the theatrics, and the ridiculous sessions of finger pointing that serve to intimidate the voters the left needs for its own survival. Tuesday was a categorical rejection of the half-baked half-platform of neo-liberalism at every turn. What the hell would a Democrat utopia even look like in 15 years? The extent of the weakness of this platform is apparent with how quickly you could answer the same question for Republicans. A platform of “we will not ruin your life” does not exactly resonate with people who think their life is already ruined. And don’t push a myth that such people are confined to West Virginia, or Wisconsin, or in a stupid demonym like “rust belt.” People are miserable everywhere because it’s a product of the uncurable human condition. Get a fucking grip. The left is being laughed at because it is too fucking ignorant to come to terms with that.


So what’s a reasonable thing to do?

You want to go protest, fine. Protest the DNC that refused to listen to you in 2008 and refused to listen in 2015. Protest that your politicians think it’s preferable to alienate zero voters instead of win a single one. Hell, protest the staggering tone-deafness it took to miss that the hallmark statement of 2008 - “change has come to America” – and see the candidate across the aisle in 2016 before vomiting out a candidate that hasn’t been outside of the Beltway in 25 years. A loaf of wet, moldy bread could have won this election as long as it wasn’t a politician yet the DNC sought out to find the commensurate person who was. Visionary.


Or – or, if you’d prefer to protest about how it went after the DNC mangled the one big decision, there’s millions of little ones they butchered too. Protest the party leadership that took so many voting blocs, and states, and ethnicities so much for granted that they were flat-out ignored. Or that they’ve showed they are incompetent at leveraging a delta in the popular vote into anything. Or that they blew a 2.5:1 fundraising advantage. Or that they willingly steered the discussion into a referendum on credentials – the one thing voters have made clear for a fucking decade they didn’t want. But most of all, protest the apparent belief that the yardstick for liberalism should be things like the number of times you’ve seen Hamilton, as if that kind of shit resonates with anyone who’s not in their phone contacts.

The DNC deserves so, so much more than your scorn. They deserve your animus and your anger, they deserve every fiber of your blinding rage. The DNC can be out on the pavement tomorrow night, but like it or not the Trump voters aren’t going anywhere. And the DNC has already proved they have no answers for that.

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