Whoever said "ask and ye shall receive" was somebody who probably wouldn't fit in today and would be ostracized for wearing cargo shorts and zip-off pants. But that doesn't mean he wasn't right. It's time for everyone's (BronzeHammer's) favorite game!

Here's how it works. There are ten descriptions of movies listed below. The title of each of these movies is the title of a well-known movie with exactly one letter changed.

So if the description was "After marrying a Jewish woman, a man must deal with her constantly disapproving parents," you would, of course, guess Goy Story.

Make sense? Good. Here we go:

1. A pack of feral pigs infiltrate a sleepy town’s water supply. Reservoir Hogs


2. The lone survivor of a Native American tribe, who also has severe anger issues, goes on a killing rampage against his oppressors. (2001) The Last and the Furious

3. A host of a popular TV show mysteriously disappears amidst rumors of tax evasion. Runaway Judy

4. A homeless high school dropout discovers his family heritage and decides to start training as a bullfighter. (2003) Olé School


5. A high-school teen is viciously bullied for her conservative attitudes towards sex. Prude and Prejudice

6. A woman sets out on a mission to kill her boyfriend by slowly poisoning his beers every Memorial Day over the course of a decade. (2003) How to Lose a Guy in 10 Mays

7. A former major league pitcher searches for true meaning and self-realization in his native country after his retirement. (2003) Finding Nomo


8. A struggling, inarticulate farmer in the middle of nowhere must convince investors that his idea for sustainable energy is feasible. (2009) Where the Wind Things Are

9. An inept King reverses his fortunes when he and some close friends discover they have a magical ability to transform anything they touch. A Few Gold Men

10. An impoverished student finds herself desperate for solutions after she is left with an unwanted pregnancy. The Hanger Games


Hint 1 (4:15pm): Added years in which the films referenced originally came out.

Updated (5:25pm): It's all over! 4 hours later, everything's been figured out. Hope you guys enjoyed it, and please let me know in the comments what your appetite is for more things like this, or suggestions for similar games/torture devices.