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EXCLUSIVE: An Interview with Wrestling Superstar Virgil

I've just landed a big interview for a reporter as young and relatively inexperienced as myself— a sitdown with noted wrestling superstar Virgil. I met with Virgil around noon on a crowded street near Central Park.

BlairWalshProject: Hey Virgil, thanks so much for agreeing to do this interview with me.

Virgil: Hey, man, you wanna buy a signed photo? Only 10 bucks.

BWP: So first of all, I want to ask about something I'm sure you get asked about a lot: your work with the Million Dollar Man himself, Ted DiBiase. What was it like having someone as flamboyant as Ted as your partner?


V: I can also take a picture with you, if you like. That's only 20 bucks. I'll sign it too.

BWP: So would you say you sort of saw yourself as the "straight man" to DiBiase's antics?

V: I got some different glossy photos you can choose from. There are some from when I was with WCW, with DiBiase—

BWP: Moving on, I hear there's some bad blood between you and Vince McMahon. Why is that?


V: Alright, I'll give you a signed photo for only 5 bucks.

BWP: When did you know it was time to stop wrestling? Was it a specific moment, or just a culmination of things?


V: I got some action figures— me and DiBiase. I'll let that one go for only 30 bucks. That's a really good deal.

BWP: Anything you want to tell your fans?

V: Okay, I'll give you a photo with me AND a different signed photo for only 5 bucks. This is some valuable merchandise.


BWP: Virgil, thanks so much for taking the time to be interviewed. It was a pleasure.

V: 2 photos plus a photo with me. 5 bucks!


A photo of Virgil, which the author did not pay 5 dollars for.

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