Just a small nightcap following Universal Enveloping Algebra's excellent foray into the wonderful world of Sidespin games. Sticking with movies; this will not be difficult for you schadenfreude enthusiasts.

A rogue man, a man who does things his own way and doesn't give a shit what The Man or anybody else has to goddamn say about it, has a moment of clarity and sudden change of heart. His garish demeanor fades as he develops a fresh, forgiving outlook on life, and decides that, hey, you know what? He is gonna take it, evermore.

Live and Let Dee (Mr Rodgers Neighborhood, who only gets partial credit because he remembered the answer)

Hint No. 1: For those of you who weren't around when I originally botched this answer: yes, it's a play on Dee Synder and yes, it's the kind of pun that is best shaken, not stirred.