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Fantasy Football Tips & Tricks

As with everyone else this time of year, fantasy drafts are happening all over the place. This entails more planning and listening to podcasts than I care to admit.

So, that’s where I come in. With tips on what to eat during this special event in your life.


1. Finger foods are always a plus. But only eat clean ones, like sandwiches cut into triangles for better handling, or celery. I personally love cucumber sandwiches.

2. People often talk about eating wings. That’s such a mess! Do not eat wings, unless they are boneless and have a fork available. The last thing you want to do is soil your stat sheets/ipad.

3. Protein shakes will keep you fit and healthy during this time. Offer them to all your guests! You can never go wrong with the chocolate flavor.

4. Water and flavored sparkling waters are all the rage. Your guests will very much appreciate these instead of calorie-laden beer or strong alcohols where they might not be able to drive home safely. Your guests are your most important priority.


Take this advice. You will have the most fun fantasy draft that makes everyone envious. And, remember, decorations for the party can do nothing but add to the cheerful atmosphere, like football-shaped plates and colorful toothpicks that are made from sustainable materials.


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