It’s the first day of the Big Dance, and everyone is glued to their television set. Except me. Instead, I’ll be liveblogging my liveblog of the early slate of First Round games. Join me, won’t you?

1:45 – Nothing’s going on. Is he going to post anything?

1:46 – OK, looks like someone’s here. No basketball talk yet, though.

1:48 – Hey, our first reference to basketball. That’s what we’re here for you fucking dumbass, so get blogging!

1:52 – Wow, I want to apologize to my readers who read his last comment. I try to keep these things family friendly, but you just can’t always control what you see. It's the nature of live blogging.

1:53 – Looks like he has some people who are reading what he’s writing. Those must be some real geniuses.

1:56 – Huh? Sounds like maybe he’s talking about Harvard or Cal-Berkley (or Florida?), but I’m pretty sure they don’t play until later. The only thing I see on TV is Butler.


1:59 – Another Robert Guillaume reference. This douchebag is a real loser.

2:02 – Sounds like Duke’s out. See you tomorrow – same time, same Sidespin!