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Florida Man Suffers From Cognitive Dissonance

Leathern baseball glove and Rumpelstiltskin stunt-double, Pete Prisco, continues to exist as an ornery, self-important, NFL media prick. The man who wrote that he—a columnist at CBS Sports, who has never pulled a paycheck from the League—should sue the NFL in the wake of their paltry concussion settlement has some opinions on pro-football prospect evaluation. Our hero tweeted this today:


Who gives a crap? Apparently Pete Prisco gives a crap:

This is the same type of bullshit coverage of NFL prospects that I've written angrily about before, and it's the same type of bullshit coverage of NFL prospects that's so noxious to NFL journalism writ large. On its face, I'm inclined to agree with Prisco's tweet today. I honestly don't give a shit if a player is a "nice guy." (And further, nice to whom? To a columnist at CBS Sports, who may just as soon write 5,000 words on how your "upbringing" and "background" might give coaches pause?) Yet, it's impossible to square his opinion on March 5, 2015 with his earlier opinion on January 27, 2015.

In fact, what's really at work here is Pete Prisco's fat, suntanned egomania. An egomania that that asserts itself after being spurned by Marshawn Lynch, but can somehow hold itself in check right up until a player's "temperament" collides with Pete's ability to fill column space.


Get fucked, Pete Prisco.

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