A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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Saw this when I logged on, today:

Dear Kinja User,

We’re writing to advise you that G/O Media, which operates the Kinja platform, will be discontinuing Kinja user pages. Accordingly, any content which you have posted to your Kinja page will be deleted in the coming weeks, and it will not be accessible after deletion. Should you wish to retain that content, you should make a copy of it for your personal records now. Comments posted to G/O Media’s websites by Kinja users will not be affected by this change. Note that at this time we have set blogs to read-only. If you have any questions about this change to the Kinja platform, please contact us at hr@g-omedia.com.


G/O Media

This is your daily reminder that Jim Spanfeller is a fucking herd, and can eat a whole bag of free-range, locally sources, artisan dicks.


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