A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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Gawrker Is Starting A Podcast

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It’s a wonder this didn’t happen sooner. That Gawrker is celebrating its 32nd birthday this week and the thought of a podcast never dawned on us until now is criminal, really, when you think about it. Well, that’s all changing.


The scope, purview, tone, ethos and, well, “content” has yet to be agreed on. Ideally, this podcast would encompass a broad swath of topics, including but not limited to: why bars are good; why bars are bad; beer (?); why this microphone vaguely looks like a phallus; phalluses; bad dating advice; Italian Baroque painters; Gilded Age American literature; men’s and women’s formalwear; the Atlanta Falcons; and blogging, broadly defined. The sky’s the limit, really.

One immediate concern among our prospective podcasters is that we’ve yet to agree on a name for the prospective podcast. Some working ideas are:

  • Blame Bad Geckos
  • BronzeHamster
  • Gary, Please Don’t Email My Wife
  • Elated Shitehawk
  • Gary, Please Stop Plowing My Wife
  • Sidesp — er, Gawrker, the Podcast :)
  • Seriously, Gary, Stop Plowing My Wife
  • Gawrkcast
  • Pawrdker
  • No, Officer, I Have No Idea What Happened To My Neighbor Gary, But I’d Be Lying If I Said That I Was Sad To See Him Go

If you can do better than any of these, sound off in the comments!

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