A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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Gawrker Television Corner: The Expanse

This should have been a Literary corner entry but you are a bunch of lazy asses and not going to read six (and counting!) books.

SO a little background:

This is the story of 200+ years in the future after humanity has colonized Mars and the asteroid belt. Humanity is still humanity however, for both better and worse.


James Holden is a temporary XO of the Ice hauler Canterbury and is tasked with looking into a distress beacon that the Cant picked up in remote space. Josephus Miller is a weary cop who has seen too much shit and it’s basically cost him his fastball as a result. These two swap POV chapters in the book, so they are the primary focus of season one.

What spirals out from that is a fascinating tale of corruption, redemption and politics of the future. The show is smart, funny and beautifully rendered. Give it a shot; they are just over halfway through season two and it’s just getting better and better.


Season one can be found Here, it’s on Amazon prime video. Season two is on Syfy on-demand.

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