Now, there are some regrets in life. My regret is ever getting addicted to meth and rubbing alcohol suppositories, but that was yesterday, technically yesterday during my lunch hour. But, this isn’t about my regrets.

This show was popular in 1997. If you watched this crap, you should have many regrets in life.

This is about B.I.G’s regrets. Probably him regretting being such an asshole that someone shot him.

But, it did bring us this gem.

Now, the sampling is hard to get by. I mean, it’s not even sampling a song. It’s taking a song’s track and using it 90% with very little modification. Piffly was very good at this. Puddy also did this with some Zeplin, but that’s another complaint for another time.


Anyway, this song was good. I know I cried a few times at this. And at my own wedding. And when I got a splinter in my finger. And a few other times this morning. Whatever.