Forty-seven years ago, our nation was water fountain-deep in a civil rights crisis. Even in so-called-progressive-and-liberal strongholds like New York and California, African-Americans were denied their right to equal protection under the law. Especially when it came to jobs.

But some areas of the country were not only well-jorted — they were color-blind. The leading city in this regard was Bradenton, a sleepy little town located between Sarasota and St. Petersburg. In this very month in 1966, Bradenton opened its eyes, and imagined a city that had not one, but two, black cops:

Today, we honor the City of Bradenton for having the foresight and courage to get up and tell the world: Someone needs to protect our one black cop from those hazardous Mexicans, because a white cop sure as hell isn't going to.

To Bradenton!