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Here Are Some Problems I Have With "Here Are Some Problems I Have With The World Series"

If you read Same Sad Echo's piece, "Here Are Some Problems I Have With The World Series" earlier today, you most likely ended up having some problems with it. I also had some problems with it. Here are some problems I have with "Here Are Some Problems I Have With The World Series."

Problem 1

First, let's dispense with the obvious. In his diatribe, Same Sad Echo says that there is one clear reason for a grown man to be thinking about the World Series. Then, he reminds you that it starts tonight and proceeds to babble on about some thing involving Gilmore Girls being a priority, so you should be sure to set your DVR or some shit.


Was he trying to imply that you should be thinking about the World Series only on the night it starts? Or maybe it's that you should only think about the World Series when you consider what other things you should DVR when you watch Gilmore Girls? Is the "What other things should I DVR while I watch Gilmore Girls?" something that people think about every time they watch Gilmore Girls? I have absolutely no idea.

Problem 2

Here is the first problem that Same Sad Echo identifies in his piece:

Red Sox fans, and specifically their presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter, stringbetweencans.com). I grew up in and continue to live in New England, so my feeds (Facebook in particular) are pretty much a 50-50 blend of Yankees and Red Sox fans.

Fair enough, I suppose. That is, as long as you're willing to ignore the fact that this problem could easily be avoided with effective Facebook Timeline management or by logging off of Facebook altogether. So you don't like Yankees and Red Sox fans. Great. The Yankees aren't in the World Series, so half of your first problem actually has nothing to do with the World Series this year. With regards to the Red Sox fans, if you insist on subjecting yourself to their social media ramblings, why not just cheer for the Cardinals? I don't know many Cardinals fans, but I do know one. His name is DJ Jazzy Jeff Weaver, and he's a pretty swell guy. I'm sure he'd appreciate the support. Hi Jeff!

Problem 3

For his second problem, Same Sad Echo states the following:

The National League. Honestly, who gives a fuck about the National League? If your favorite team is an NL team, I humbly invite you to punch yourself in the dick and/or vagina. My six year old said he'd really love to see the Red Sox and the Yankees in the World Series someday. So would I.


Really, Same Sad Echo? You're telling me that you'd love to see the Red Sox and the Yankees in the World Series? That's surprising, because I just read three paragraphs where you bitched and moaned about how you already hate the World Series because horrible Red Sox fans account for 50% of your Facebook feed. (with horrible Yankee fans making up the other 50%) By that logic, you should hate a Red Sox/Yankees World Series twice as much as you hate this one, and yet, you claim you'd love it instead. This doesn't add up.


These have been some of the problems I have with "Here Are Some Problems I Have With The World Series."

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