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ROUNDUP: Your Ten Best Kitten Bowl Names as of Lunch Time IMO

Here they are, folks. I'm disqualifying myself because it's all about ethics in roundups (and mine wasn't all that great). I can't get the headline to work (fixed).

10. CrabNebullzer: Samkon Gato

9. DaggerMamba: Meowshawn Lynch

8. helley duvall: Calico Burress

7. Madoffs Mets: Richard Purrman

6. IAMBlastedBigsLostBurner: Roger Purrrdell

5. Mike Powe: Jim Hairball

4. luv4allmusik: Manti Me'ow

3. Grdo: Pussy Umenyiora

2. Raysism: DNP

1. Nikkolai: Vinne DigestsABirdie


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