A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

Here they are, folks. I'm disqualifying myself because it's all about ethics in roundups (and mine wasn't all that great). I can't get the headline to work (fixed).

10. CrabNebullzer: Samkon Gato

9. DaggerMamba: Meowshawn Lynch

8. helley duvall: Calico Burress

7. Madoffs Mets: Richard Purrman

6. IAMBlastedBigsLostBurner: Roger Purrrdell

5. Mike Powe: Jim Hairball

4. luv4allmusik: Manti Me'ow

3. Grdo: Pussy Umenyiora

2. Raysism: DNP

1. Nikkolai: Vinne DigestsABirdie


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