A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

hey everyone its the guy that you used to call doug. i went by the twitter handle “at doug exeter” for many years and also commented on this site and its sister site “deadspin dot com” for a long time. hope youre all doing okay.

anyway you probably noticed that i dont do those things any more. you also probably saw that my twitter account got listed as suspended. what happened was after i nuked my account a few months back i set up a dummy account so nobody else could snipe the handle. i guess twitter thought that was suspicious and suspended the account. you have to remember that the site is pretty bad overall so theres actually some internal logic to that course of action (suspending an account that had zero posts instead of like a nazi or something).

in case anyone was wondering, the real human behind doug exeter is doing well and is much better off for having departed twitter. maybe ill write some stuff here in the future but maybe not. im pretty busy at the moment.


grace and peace to all

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