Same rules as in Sneijderman's game apply, except this time it's movies: One letter of the title will be changed, and it's your job to guess the modified title based on my description of the fake movie's plot (which will be partly based on the original movie). For example, "The story of Paul Bunyan's other pet, with mysterious life-extending properties" might be "The Green Mule."

I've never done this before, so I'm sure these are all way too easy. This is a good opportunity for you to feel good about yourself. Get to work!

1. In order to enter a foreign country, CIA operatives decide to use a certain word that, upon hearing it, lets you know you're definitely arguing with a douchebag philosophy major.

Ergo (DougExeter)

2. This comedic romp follows middle-aged Jose and Miguel as they try to graduate from the Spanish Bullfighting Institute while having some fun along the way.


Ole School (marmol heater)

3. The fate of the galaxy rests on the shoulders of one frustrating soccer player with tons of potential and a terrible haircut.

Star Brek (TheGoldenBeebe)

4. They're back. They're sensory-deprived. They want to consume us. And they must be stopped.


Evil Deaf (BronzeHammer)

5. A North Carolina farm is threatened when a nearby city's sewer system completely breaks down.

Charlotte's Wee (BronzeHammer)

6. He's a man who can't help but love his half-human, half-sea-creature girlfriend. All he wants is acceptance.


Lars and the Seal Girl (TheGoldenBeebe)

7. A surgeon has to drive an ugly car back to the hospital so that he can correct his mistake before a patient bleeds out.

Back to the Suture (rubdirtinittakealap)

8. Richard Dawkins spends an hour and a half searching Washington, DC for the ultimate argument against the existence of a god.


Rational Treasure (Dick Nickels)

EDIT: Aaaaand we're done. Be on the lookout for my next game, in which I change one letter in fifty famous mathematicians' names.