A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

Today, after six years, and a similar number of screen names, I am retiring from Deadspin.

There is no interesting backstory, I'm afraid. I'm just old, bored, and running out of free time. While it's true that most of the Deadspin posts these days are about topics that few people over the age of 30 care about; are written with already-dated prose and an unnecessary sense of self-satisfaction; are written largely by writers who hate me, or at least want me to go away; are followed by fourteen unfunny comments from Bautista Thumbs Up and others who have a similar interest in pissing all over the community that we made great; and are advertisements, I don't blame my departure on any of this. I have other things I want to do, and the faster I can free up the remaining few hours a week I spend on Deadspin and its twitter offshoot, the better.


Six years ago I found a place that was as funny and careless and goofy and self-aware and compassionate as I imagined myself, and I'm very glad I did. Whether I made this place any better or worse will be for someone else to decide, hopefully someone with a sense of humor, or at least a crippling birth defect.

Feel free to leave your memories in the comments below; at some point I'll want to come back and remember how fun this was. Many of you know how to get in touch with me, and I wish the rest of you good luck.

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