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How I Got My Star

Twitter has been awash with reverie regarding Deadspin. All the reminiscing has brought me back to when I thought all the DS commenters were the funniest people on the planet. It was so hard to try to explain to people who didn’t read or comment on Deadspin what exactly I was laughing at. All the people I thought were the funniest were the ones admired and respected, and to a degree emulated. There was a commonality among them - they all had stars. I wanted one so damn badly.

At first, I made the mistake that many commenters did - I commented too much on almost every article. In my mind, the more I put out there, the better chance I’d have of being noticed, recognized, remembered, and +1'd. However, it was at night, during DUAN, that I learned from others how to pace myself, how to be selective, and how best to approach commenting. It was essentially quality, not quantity. After a while, I learned when to post and more importantly when not to post. My true humor came out and I finally started to gain the recognition of my peers that I so badly wanted. Oddly enough, it was a photoshop contest post that got me my star.


First off, go Google “Deadspin Photoshop Contest” if you want to laugh really, really hard today. I forgot just how absurd and funny those were. Props to Polk Panther who, I thought, was the best at it. Anyhow, this was my submission to the “Guy Who Photobombed Tiger Woods” contest:

Dom Cosentino awarded me the victory that day and later that night I had a star with my picture. Again, I tried to explain to people exactly what that meant to me, but nobody had any idea what the fuck I was talking about. It was awesome.

After that, I was much more comfortable commenting, not too much though, because I had what I considered the recognition of my peers.


Thank you, Deadspin. I’d like to read your stories as well. Let everyone know how you got your star, either in a comment or a post.

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