A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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How Long Could You Run With Wilson Kipsang?

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Unless you've been living in a cave that only gets U.S. sports coverage, you probably know that Wilson Kipsang of Topeka, Kansas (sike!) broke the world record in this morning's Berlin Marathon. Kipsang's finish time was 2:03:23, which means he ran over 26 consecutive miles at 4:43/mile pace.


To put this in perspective, and to have a little fun with the collective mess that we call Deadspin readers, the following list shows how long adults of various levels of fitness could have stayed with Wilson on today's run if they had decided to run his pace to complete exhaustion. Share your distance in the comments!

  • Ubiquitous American overweight mess: 10 meters (1.75 seconds)
  • Typical American dad: 50 meters (8.75 seconds)
  • Rec softball player: 100 meters (17.5 seconds)
  • Fairly athletic adult: 200 meters (35 seconds)
  • Fit soccer player: 400 meters (70 seconds)
  • Very fit runner: 600 meters (1:45)
  • Locally-competitive runner: 800 meters (2:20)
  • National-caliber masters runner: One mile (4:43)
  • Good collegiate 5K runner: 5K (14:39)
  • Top collegiate runner: 10K (29:18)
  • Professional half marathoner: 13.1 miles (1:01:41)
  • Nobody, ever: 26.2 miles (2:03:23)

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