Barry's post on Geno Smith's agent switch felt like spotting a particularly memorable weeknight dinner's leftovers in the back of the fridge.

God, I'm hungry. Get out of here, expired orange juice. One side, what was once upon a time a store-bought chocolate cake, in the forgotten age before the plastic clamshell lid evolved from protective covering to greenhouse roof. Yuckers. Wait a minute, is that....It is! M-M-M-Meatloaf ho! Isn't that a pleasant surprise? I distinctly remember giving that meatloaf pan a thorough tongue-lashing before I could bring myself to tomahawk it into the bottom rack of the dishwasher. But then, that resulted in a good deal of broken glass and I guess it's at least possible that while I was writhing on the floor or waking up in an ambulance, my wife was able to sneak some meat hunks into a tupperware. NICE

Who's expecting to find an interesting morsel in a Geno Smith story at this stage? The post-draft, pre-camp late spring football calendar is a dreary sea of week-old sesame chicken and cheap bologna. But Petchesky tantalizingly leaves a little meat on the bone right here:

Then, last night, Smith's ex-agents Jeff Nalley and Erik Burkhardt issued a statement to Pro Football Talk, doubling down on the "Smith was disappointed by his draft position" narrative. This is strange for a number of reasons: players change representation all the time, and both sides usually keep it quiet (Browns receiver Josh Gordon fired Select Sports three weeks ago, and no statement was released by either side); Nalley and Burkhardt were giving a public comment in response to their own private comments, not to Smith; Florio oddly headlined the story "Geno Smith’s former agents wish him the best."

We all know Mike Florio is an unrepentant gossip queen masquerading as a muckraker and a prospective sexhaver, but is he also a non-thinking puppet person? Also, yes. But, keeping in mind his unusually rosy description of a bizarrely aggressive volley from Select Sports Group, he might not just be in Goodell's pocket:

For NFL draft prospects, seeing criticism in the media from anonymous sources is simply part of the process of going pro.


"And I helped!"

From criticism of his statement on Thursday night that he would leave New York after he wasn’t picked in the first round to criticism of his decision after the draft to fire his agents, Smith has already taken a number of shots.

I wonder if any of those people criticizing his evaluation of his agents' performance were his former agents?

“All these other players who were in there were talking to the coaches, trying to get to know people and he was over there by himself,” one source said. “That’s not what you want out of your quarterback.”


"Your quarterback"? I wonder if any of those sources were his former agents.

Another critic said Smith doesn’t exude leadership the way Bills first-round pick E.J. Manuel does.

I wonder if that critic was one of E.J. Manuel's agents.

But it is becoming clear that a whole lot of people around the NFL don’t think highly of Smith.


I wonder if any of those people are....his...former [nods off at the wheel, swerves off the road and over a cliff, lands on a shrimpy blogger who wasn't really a good leader, according to a source]