A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

Idiots Pool 2015 - League Preview

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The teams are set for another great year ahead of PICKS.

Once again, there are 34 Idiots competing for supremacy of idiocy and the right to hoist the Miserable Shitehawk Trophy at the end of Idiot Bowl II.


Here are your participants for 2015, along with their whimsical fantasy team names that I will never again refer to over the course of the season:

BronzeHammerMemorial ConferenceSonarJoseMemorial Conference
Twitter HandleTeam NameTwitter HandleTeam Name
@40pctoffBad Newz Kennels@amharris26Sneijds
@AlwaysWinning1Always Winning Urban Achievers@batmans_robynTechnical Fowl
@BronzeHammerbig men@CarlCarlersonCarlCarlerson
@Cyrus_is_risenJosh Duggar’s Dirty Little Secret @CurtisWenisDog Executer
@dankmtlVery Carefully@DJ_Jeff_WeaverJeff’s Cool Team
@DougExeterDoug’s Last Resort@EvilRoySladeDSseñor dickhole
@Girl_wonderXStupid Pun Doers @FreemanMcNeil24The Filthy Touch-holes
@JesseFredeenBronzehammer’s Lawn@fusilligaryfusilliGaryBassman
@MikeBeauvaisFuck Your Stupid Form, Doug@GRUNGEBANJOIshpeaming Seamers
@MrRdgrsNghbrhdLiberace’s piano tuners@Jay_SaninFlat Brim Mafia
@Rob__SlyGronk if your horny!!!@JonGugalaThe LetsRun Typos
@SameSadEchoISHPEMING AS A SEAMER@marmolheaterwayward heaters
@sirdieselJon Hamm’s Facepunchers@MnMEnterprisesMilo n friends
@SmittyMyBroHood Ornaments@OldBeigeGuyOld Beige Team
@SonarJoseFerocious Juiceboxes@philsnantzyboyPaul F Tompkins Commenter
@StuartScottsEyeFarts & Boners 69@rasputinmethodFree Speach Believer
@zachhalversonIndignant Minnesotans@rubdirtinitDirt e-deeds done dirt cheap

Much like with the upstart FRPSL, I’ve created a league homepage that will have all pertinent info throughout the season. It remains to be seen how much I post on Sidespin this year but there will certainly be a twitter presence.

I will post the Week 1 Picks link in the next day or two (there will be links to it on the homepage as well, so bookmark that shit.


And one more thing to all you Idiots: remember that I love you.

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