A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

IDIOTS POOL 2015 - The Re-Idioting

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Well, even though I promised I wouldn’t, I’m starting up the Idiots Pool again for 2015. I’m hopeful that, having built the spreadsheet infrastructure for running the league already, it won’t kill me this year.


We have 22 returning members from last season, but that does not include champion JacquesLeftFeet (who?) who could not be arsed to respond to a twitter DM in a timely fashion.

For a generally useful guide as to how the league works, check out last year’s Rules page.


The differences for this year are as follows:

  • This change was implemented partially through last year, but picks will only be submitted by a Google form, which I’ll send the link out in the weekly Sidespin post;
  • I’m giving you the ability to pick a whimsical team name of your choosing;
  • I’m not going to be doing the tiresome PICKS thing on twitter this year. Instead, I will be sending out a link to a Google form that will ask you to rank the 32 teams. These will represent your default picks in the event that you fail to send picks in for a given week. Your picks will be selected based on your default list - the top ten picks that make a valid ballot win be your picks for that week. (EDIT: Here is the form for this)

The sames for this year will be:

  • Head-to-head matchups; pick ten games (winner only; straight up) and whoever gets more correct picks wins;
  • You must pick all Monday night games;
  • You cannot pick the Thursday game, except during Thanksgiving Week where you must pick all three.

I will send out individual DMs to all participants with your PIN for the season. (EDIT: Done now) You’ll need this PIN to submit your picks on a weekly basis. As with last season, pick deadline is 3pm Eastern on the Friday before games (except on the Thanksgiving Week, which will be earlier).

I think most of us had fun with this last year so I’m kind of looking forward to it again.



EDIT: Oh yeah, here are the list of the participants in the pool, by twitter handle:


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