A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

OK, since all of the pool info is available at The Idiots Pool Page, I think I’m going to settle in writing only one post a week here, usually on Monday nights, just highlighting the noteworthy notes of note from the week that was.

This week saw two Idiots, @Jay_Sanin and @EvilRoySladeDS, go 10-for-10, marking the first perfect weeks of the season. In ERS’s case, this is particularly impressive given his 2-spot last week, which tied the lowest weekly score in Idiots Pool history. In Jay’s case, it’s worthy of mention, as I’m sure he’ll tell us all on Twitter.


@amharris26, @fusilligary, and @philsnantzyboy are all 3-0 through 3 weeks, and @AlwaysWinning1 and the aforementioned Jay are both 2-0, having had their bye weeks already.

By far the unluckiest Idiot to date is @rasputinmethod, who, despite having the fifth-highest PICKS rank leaguewide at 6.33 is sitting 0-3, including a 10-9 loss to ERS this week. @marmolheater has a much more intellectually honest winless record.

Through 24 matchups, the SJMC hasn’t had a single tie, which is kind of astonishing given that 8 of the 24 BHMC matchups have tied. What could it mean? Probably the supermoon eclipse has something to say about it, but she’s not talking.

Looking ahead to next week: the link for PICKS is here. This week’s byes are @BronzeHammer and @CarlCarlerson. Take a rest, you two. Have a club soda. Or two.


Hey, if anyone has anything funny to say, leave a comment below. Or, you could make a joke in the comments section of a Deadspin post. That would be just grand.


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