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If Anyone Says "All Lives Matter," They Are A Cockroach

Earlier today, human pencil Tom Scocca wrote a piece that purported to rebut the fragment of dipshit political rhetoric “All Lives Matter.”

Scocca failed, in that he attempted to educate putatively misguided souls that espousing a moronic truism such as “all lives matter,” or “life is good,” or “tacos are marginally preferable to genocide,” was in anyway a manifestation of a genuinely held political viewpoint. That is, Scocca represented somehow that people who claim “all lives matter” might distantly, feebly cling to the sanctity of every (I assume human) life, even while doing little to actually improve the condition of such life.

However, people who say “All Lives Matter” do not need to be educated on the failure of their viewpoints. They are not preaching a harmonious community of mankind, and Scocca obviously knows it.


Why Scocca struck a conciliatory tone baffles me. People say “All lives matter” because, for reasons I do not understand, it is a socially permissible way to be racist.

Racism is bad. It sets people back, and hurts them. It disqualifies some of the most able-minded and talented people from advancing society.

Additionally, multiculturalism is inherently good—it makes for better food, music, art, culture, dancing, everything. Also, if I have to explain to you why racism is bad, buddy, I don’t know what the fuck your problem is.

All right. So let’s revisit.

1) Racism is bad. This idea is the truth, the light, the way.*

2) People say “All Lives Matter” as a way to be racist yet masquerade such beliefs as a lazy half-sentiment.


3) People who say “All Lives Matter” are therefore running from the light.

4) Cockroaches run from the light.

5) People who say “All Lives Matter” are cockroaches, and they may therefore be stepped on.


There is room outside of this vapid talking point for a nuanced discussion about appropriate police practices. Black males are disproportionately incarcerated, disproportionately victimized by police violence, and are less likely than white men to kill police officers.

I would like to get into a constructive discussion about this, particularly as related to gun violence in general. But those arguments are for policy professionals, and this is a thankless riff on Sidespin. Have a nice Friday!


*Raysism is also bad, but this is irrelevant for present purposes.

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