Listen up, jerks.

Let's not beat around the bush (yes, double entendre intended). It has come to my attention over the past few months that y'all know jack shit about women. This upsets me because at least a few of you are lovely guys who deserve to have happy, healthy relationships with the ladies in your lives. And also because you are adult males who should have a fucking clue by now.

I am here for you. My qualifications:

  • Unlike most of the women you have met on the internet, I'm actually a woman;
  • I know lots of things about woman feelings and bodies and shit like that;
  • Who else is going to answer your absurd questions without judgment?*

How will this work? Ask any questions you have related to women and I'll answer the best in what will be an occasional advice-esque column. Ask them in the comments below, tweet at me, e-mail me, or whatever. Just don't call me, text me, or send me snail mail because you should not have that information about me in the first place.

*No, there will be lots of judgment, as well as laughing and pointing. @Girl_wonderX.