I gather this has been making the rounds as of late, but I only stumbled across this gem now, and look, not everybody can be the first to know about everything on the internet, and it's my turn for Show and Tell anyway, so here we go.

It will come as no surprise to the casual fan of Death Wolf or Abstrakt Algebra or Falconer or Katatonia or Purified In Blood or The Nude Pube Banglers, but our Scandanavian brothers and sisters sure do love them some heavy metal. How much, you ask? Slow down there Johnny Questions, and let's let the graph do the talking:

Perhaps it's the limited sunshine, perhaps it's the small population, perhaps it's a post European Union rejection of culture homogenization, or perhaps - just perhaps - the bloodfire of the gods is actually raining down the souls of the damned for the amusement of immortals in a lust-rage of eternity, but I do believe that qualifies as - hold on a sec, let me convert this to SI units - a Metric Shit-Ton of metal bands.

That's just inescapable. Babies are probably lulled to sleep with shrieks and ten minute hammer-on solos. I assume they play metal in dentists' offices and as piped-in background at the mall. Their Musak would definitely drag our Musak out into a dark alley and reduce it to a shredded heap of individual, disjointed quarter notes.

But as a forgiving, enlightened person, I say to each his own! I'm sure researchers could look at a different genre that would paint the United States (and fine, Canada too) in its own swath of blood red shame (it is estimated there are over ten million Beliebers out there, after all). Other than the annoyance of those who don't share your taste in music, there's no harm in liking (what I personally consider) crappy music. It's not like you could claim your love lust of metal is some kind of disability that would allow you to collect from the government or anything oh crap wait that's exactly what's happening isn't it.


Well of course it is. Sweden's own Roger Tullgren (a pretty metal name, actually) not only gets disability payments for his metal addiction, but has a doctor's note that he can take to potential employers notifying them that their draconian requirements of "showing up on time" and "working regular hours" and "wearing a shirt" don't apply to him, man, cause he just loves to - strike that, HAS TO - rock.

Now, the conservatives reading this are probably outraged by this theft re-allocation of money from hard-working citizens to lazy good-for-nothing leeches disabled music lovers. But c'mon, it's not like governments don't waste money on a lot of other questionable shit.

So rock on, Sweden, and rock on, Mr. Tullgren. They say tinnitus is its own reward.