A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

It’s politics season and while many people are looking at the big picture here at The Hole, Gawrker’s political sub-blog, we like to look at the the small picture, the really small picture

H.O.A. politics in my neighborhood.

Now we at the Hole are very familiar with the numerous complaints about this feature:

* I don’t live in your neighborhood

* This is boring

* I’m on your H.O.A. board and you really need to take down your Christmas lights


While we at The Hole do honestly care about our readership we care even more about the kinds of people who fill our H.O.A’s private (exclusive??!) Facebook page with the kind of drama and political intrigue usually reserved for bigger offices

Take Marcie, her frequent posts show an overall theme, that theme being one of bravery in the face of neighborhood toughs

Here Marcie shows where a wasp nest (irony much in my white af county?) has taken over a fence, we at The Hole have marked in red the various marks made on the fence.


Apparently Marcie was holed up for three long days in her home observing these neighborhood toughs throw rocks at the innocent hornets nest, forever damaging the resplendent fence. Marcie did not return our numerous emails asking if she wore a diaper for her stakeout, so at time of press we can only assume she did.


On another occasion Marcie was quick to post an alert about suspicious activity near the pool


Child bikes or ISIS bike??!! Who can say.

The kind of vigilant, watchful citizens who populate our H.O.A.s are what every great leader should strive to be.


If you know any great H.O.A. leaders in your community please let The Hole know by posting about it on my H.O.A.’s private Facebook page.

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