OK, let's put that abortion of a quiz behind us. This time, we're doing the Commenters Quiz. Same concept, only one letter is switched in a commenter's handle. I better not fuck this up. IT'S OVER, FELLAS - THANKS FOR PLAYING, BRONZEHAMMER AND NEW GUY

1. Cooking school. Stove U

2. Get me that guy! What do you mean, it's a racial slur? Bring Buck Anthony Mason

3. S/he who injures metal. Bronze Harmer

4. This caused a lot of problems for Bathsheba and Uriah. David Hump

5. This is noisy, annoying, and its existence in threatened, but it really needs you to validate it. Rate Endangered Vuvuzela


I'm probably not going to follow up on these closely tonight but I'll check in occasionally to see where things are at. I think a couple are going to be much more difficult than the rest.

In the words of Dee Snider*, "enjoy, and have fun, kids."

*it might have been the guy from Poison that said this, I'm pretty high right now