A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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New York, NY

September 19, 1862

Dear Susanna,

This morning was a long morning. We and others have camped out, holding out hope that this season is not for lost.


My regiment is struggling with our schemes. Our scheme's pr'y objective is protection, but in that we have failed. When we fail, everyone fails. Our commanders makes the most horrid faces when we fail add'ly.

The latest set back cannot deter us, tho. For we are strong and have been here before. However, losing is hard and we are losing.The Gen'l is here, in camp, with us and he is of the reddest complexion you can imagine. He yells for us to come to him often.

If I go out to the field tomorrow or next day I may not have an opportunity to write for several days but will again as soon as possible.

Mrs. Orr's letter I gave to Dr. Reed and Dr. Orr probably has it by this time. Write frequently. We are missing several important members of our group. I presume you know as much as I do about the movements of the offence here and always will. Kiss Nellie and Frank for me. Tell me when you expect to go home. Write before you go and as soon as you get there.


Yours affectionately


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