The dozens of you who read this site may have noticed that I'm a fan of the World's Game, and if you don't have any objections, I'd fancy using this platform as a means of informing others about what's newsworthy in the world of football.

Lewes Football Club, an English team based in Lewes, East Sussex, are in the midst of changing the way we look at match programs; clearly, they have a very talented graphic designer on the payroll. As members of the Isthmian Premier League (think day jobs, carpooling to matches) the club is looking for different ways to draw attention to their game. The Rooks, who play their matches at a home ground known as The Dripping Pan, which holds little more than 3000 people, 600 of which have the luxury of seats, are at the bottom end of the English footballing ladder and part of a constant struggle to attract attention/fans/$$$. As a sidebar of sorts, The ground is called "The Dripping Pan", for the site where Monks from the local priory used to dry water from the nearby river to make salt. Cool story, bro.

Below, I've attached some examples of their matchday programs, more of which can be seen here;… at the club's official website.