(Confession: I have a midterm in eight hours that I should be studying for - in fact, I'm technically actually studying for it while live-blogging this live blog, although to be fair, I've also been drinking while studying. You know what? Fuck Kant. Let's talk some Sean Newell on Craig T. Nelson action, yeah?!)

0059 (CDT): A quick check of the Twitter reveals that THIS is happening -

0106: I decide that I'm going to liveblog Sean's liveblog.

0109: Jesus Christ, I've missed a lot here. Here's what I remember regarding Coach - I only ever saw it in syndication at 11:05 PM when I wasn't actually supposed to be awake. Dauber was fucking frightening to me when I was 6 years old. There. I said it. (His appearances on How I Met Your Mother: meh.) I seem to remember Shelley Fabares being a lot hotter. Fun fact: "Minnesota State" is actually basically the University of Iowa ("Hayden Fox" = Hayden Fry, "Screaming Eagles" = Hawkeyes {or a shitty bar in my hometown}, different B-roll shots are actually places on the Iowa campus, etc.) and I know you could give a shit less BUT WE DON'T HAVE A LOT GOING ON HERE IN IOWA CITY OKAY


0118: And now Sean's ended it. Dammit. Um.

[shuffles through "Possible Topics of Discussion" binder]


No? Anyway, can somebody please (in 250 or fewer words) compare/contrast Kant and Foucault's theories on criminal punishment?

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