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Man-Made Food and Drink Items, Ranked

Note: This list only ranks the general food and drink items that were invented (not "found" or "cooked") by man. These are things where we took what exists in nature and science, and made a brand new food product out of it. Thus, you will not see bacon or steak on here, because that’s just cooked animal. Same for potato chips or French fries. You also won’t see combination items, like hamburger or pizza or margaritas. And you won’t see specific brands or styles. Also, I probably forgot a bunch.

15. Peanut Butter

14. Mayonnaise

13. Scotch

12. Tofu

11. Mustard

10. Tea

9. Vinegar

8. Ice Cream

7. Wine

6. Yogurt

5. Chocolate

4. Bread

3. Beer

2. Cheese

1. Coffee


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