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Marcie Gets Stung By Rumors AND Not All Bikes Are Bad

The Hole has stunning breaking news from my H.O.A.’s private Facebook page, neighborhood detective Marcie seems to have fallen prey to the problems of internet fame, only 5 days ago she warned us all about the scourge of wasp nest disrupting children (small-sized terrorists??!) who permanently marred a fence and now after just one news article thrust her waspy musings to a greater audience she has suffered from a backlash.

It seems all is not rosy for Marcie and that a certain Maxine (who may be banned from Facebook or illiterate) has taken issue with Marcie:


We at The Hole obviously cannot take sides because of our journalistic ethics but when our source to the private Facebook page was asked about this she cheerfully stated:

“ I dunno, it’s so fucking stupid I don’t even know who Maxine could be but I see her point and Marcie is so weird about bikes so I guess Maxine is right”

It all sounds really solid to us, especially based on Marcie’s next post:


Why are blue bikes art while pink and orange ones are suspect??

We will continue to follow this story as more news becomes available.

As always, you can contact this writer by posting a comment on her awful sister’s Facebook page


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