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A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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Mario and Sonic: Fan Fiction

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Sonic and Mario sat on the pier at Blubble Lake, their feet dangling off the edge.


"Look at the sky," Sonic said. "Everything is beautiful. The sunset over the horizon is so gorgeous it looks like a painting."

"I am scared, my love." Mario said to Sonic. "Our love has allowed us to conquer all. This new chapter in our lives will be much more challenging than all of our other trials combined."


Mario struggled to stand. Sonic gently helped him up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. They held hands as they both watched the little fish swim under the pier.

Sonic gently stroked Mario's belly. "Our baby will be so beautiful," Sonic purred.


Mario rubbed his moustache with his thumb and forefinger and tears started to form in his eyes. He struggled to speak. "I…..I am afraid but I am so, so happy, Sonic. This child represents our undying passion for each other. Yet the world is much more dangerous place than the one we grew up in."

You need not fret, my dear Mario," Sonic said. "Our love is like this lake, deep and powerful. It will remain, like this lake. Our unborn child will unite our worlds, allowing good to prevail."


"You always have a way with words," Mario cooed. Sonic and Mario caress and began French kissing passionately.

"Now, who should we invite to the baby shower?" Mario asked.

"Well, we can't invite Peach that's for sure." Sonic replied.

They both giggled. "Do you think she will be mad at me forever? Shouldn't we at least give her an invite?" Mario asked.


Sonic shrugged and batted her lovely lashes at Mario. "Well I guess she could always say no. You just worry about taking care of yourself and our baby and I will take care of the rest, my love."

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