A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

Media and Entertainment Special Segment

Part one of Ted Brixler's interview with Sidespin Media and Entertainment critic, David_Hume

T.B.: David, it's a pleasure to interview you today. Your nuanced and thoughtful analysis is always appreciated. Let's start by talking about that alb


D_H: It sucks.

T.B. I didn't even mention the a

D_H: Don't know, don't care, it stinks like dogshit in a pressure cooker.

T.B.: Ah, well, *ahem* one of this spring's hottest television sho

D_H: Sucks. Sucks hog. Sucks the skin off a hog.

T.B.: How about movies. Admission is being described by some reviewers as a ligh

D_H: Boy, I loved that. Touching and heartfelt, and an invitation to a larger conversation about aging, responsibility, and expectations.


T.B.: Oh, yes, I agree, it had pathos and char

D_H: You dolt, it sucked clotted bile through a cocktail straw.

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