Another year, another nativity play. and once again that wonk Charlie Brown was fucking it up. But even more predictable were the noises coming from the prop closest. Every year the thought of the baby Jesus in those swaddling clothes got her so worked up - not the biological clock/baby aspect mind you, it was simply her long-held diaper fetish.

So here she was again, trying to fill the void of another Christmas season with her loving partner Marcie. And Marcie, God bless her, was giving it her all, really getting in there with her tongue stud. Although it just wasn't happening for Patty tonight, she screamed like it was, for Marcie's sake. And that deep, throaty, insincere screaming would change her life forever. For apparently it attracted what she initially considered unwanted attention.

The knock on the door was not angry, but certainly confident and loud enough to interrupt the funilingus. Patty answered with her typical 'Yeah, whaddya want?' to which there was no response. Intrigued, Patty quickly made herself decent and opened the door. Franklin stood in the doorway wearing nothing but a shepherd's robe. He said not a word but gave a sly nod toward the love nest where Marcie still lay. Patty laughed casually and reminded Franklin that he wasn't her scene. Franklin winked and dropped his robe.

'Oh My' said Patty.

'Sir?' asked Marcie.

Patty answered the question by licking her lips and closing the door behind Franklin...