A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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Hey folks, happy Monday. Each answer is a song title which has had exactly one letter changed. To get you started, all of these songs had their most recognized versions released between 1965 and 1983.


For example, if my clue was "A rude Faustian bargain," I'd have accepted either Crassroads or Crass Road Blues. Good luck.

1. When is a blimpb stuck at full throttle? (edit: the band name is given in this clue, there's no typo, and the song title itself is more a description of a technical malfunction)


When The Lever Breaks (Sean Newell)

2. Don’t mess with Double Trouble, they’ll get hemoglobin everywhere.

Texas Blood (Alton Brown's Balls)

3. A delicious book that sadly, no one there can read.

Sweet Tome Alabama (The Amazing Sneijderman)

4. Ignorance is bliss, especially during a three hour laser show.

Comfortably Dumb (Sonar Jose)

5. Him? He’s got removable heads for every ratcheting occasion.

Socket Man (BirdLaw)

6. Weird, I have no idea why pressure differences would talk about that planet.

The Wind Cries Mars (The Amazing Sneijderman)

7. It makes beautiful fabric but it would be nice to add a little color.

White Loom (Alton Brown's Balls)

8. God, lutefisk is disgusting.

Norwegian Food (Milo Minderbinder)

9. The nearest police officer? Just take that large thoroughfare.

Highway to Help (Sonar Jose)

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