Hey Hey Hey! It's time for everyone's favorite movie game that they are rapidly getting sick of! By now you should know the drill, but if you are a half-wit dumb-ass, here's how it goes. I've taken 6 popular film titles and changed just one letter in each. Below are clues to these modified film titles. You read the clue and you try to guess the cleverly modified film title. Here's a terrible example: "Aha! Rosebud was the name of the farmers' market his mom always dragged him to as a kid!" The answer, obviously, is Citizen Kale.

Note: I think most of these are actually pretty hard. HOWEVER, as promised earlier, there is an overall theme. If you get one, the rest become much easier. I've even got a 7th movie lined up, but I think it's a little too easy and will give the whole thing away. If people are having trouble I'll post it.

1. Pope: Oh hey, I've got a favor to ask you. Can you help me move this weekend?

Priest: Fat chance your Holiness, you're not suckering me in on that bullshit again. That bitch weighs a ton. (The Man With The Golden Nun, UAE & Mr. Rodgers)

2. "So now just let me see there... This guy you're after... he used to work here? My my that is very interesting. But...uhh...now he's turned into some kind of bad character, right? And he's looking to kill someone or blow up something or some such. That's terrible, just terrible. Sheesh. Ok, I got it. I'll call you tomorrow.


Oh, and just one more thing...." (Skyfalk, Bring Back Anthony Mason. Haven't you idiots ever watched Columbo?)

3. Husband: Honey, why on earth did you hire McDougal Roofing? They've been up there for days!

Wife: [sighs wistfully] (A View To A Kilt, dakman)

4. Satellite Thief (Moontaker, DougExeter via twitter)

5. Yeah we're just gonna pretend this one never existed, because you guys will just fucking KILL me if I tell you the truth about it.


6. Oh hell yeah I'm jarrin' pickles...LIKE A BOSS (License to Dill, Hammer, UAE, Mr. Rodgers)

7. Ed Lover: Push 200 cc's of epi! Dammit we're losing him! CLEAR! (Dr. Yo, BronzeHammer)

UPDATE: It's been five minutes. You guys suck.

UPDATE 2: I think I'm going to go have a cupcake.

UPDATE 3: My stupid kid ate the last cupcake.

UPDATE 4: I added the easy one.

UPDATE 5: In case you haven't figured it out, these are all Twilight movies. #TeamEdward


UPDATE 6: Fun fact: the song from No. 3 is my favorite Bond song.

UPDATE 7: I added the actor for No. 5.

UPDATE 8: The clue is Quiet Riot. Ok? Who the fuck was in Quiet Riot!?! COME ON