A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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My Interview* With Brendan O'Connor

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Freeman McNeil: Good afternoon Mr. O’Connor. I appreciate you sitting down with me today.


Brendan O’Connor: *makes whimpering noise*

FMcN: Relax, Mr. O’Connor. You’re in a safe space.

BO’C: (curls into fetal position) *makes whimpering noise*

FMcN: Brendan... may I call you Brendan?

BO’C: *small shriek*

FMcN: Ok, I’ll take that as a “yes.”

BO’C: Please...

FMcN: Ok, you don’t seem comfortable. I’m just going to go ahead and refer to something that’s been on my mind for a while now. Will that be ok?


BO’C: *whimpers louder*

FMcN: You actually wrote these words, in a Jezebel article in which you apologize on behalf of all men for Donald Trump’s awful “grab them by the pussy” statement (emphasis mine):

I think what’s important to focus on here, is that I am a good man. For the record, I also want to apologize to women, on behalf of all good men, for the behavior of bad men—I want to apologize not just for Donald Trump talking about grabbing pussies, but for the men who have actually grabbed pussies. I, again, have never said or done this, or anything like it, and furthermore, for the record, I have never known anyone who has said or done this or anything like it—whether in a locker room or anywhere else—but certainly it happens, and is bad, and for that I apologize, as I said, on behalf of my gender.


I hope you can forgive me and mine on behalf of yours. I hope, more importantly, that this has set the record straight with regard to how much I want you to understand how much I respect women, and how little applause I require for that.

FMcN: Mr. O’Connor, the male population neither asked for nor needs your apology. It’s at best laughable, and at worst a sympathetic pandering to one specific demographic to curry favor and article clicks. “And how little applause I require for that,” except for writing a saccharine, half-assed, pseudo-apology. Don’t ever assume you speak for anyone but yourself.


*not an actual interview

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