A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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Name of Today: Sidespin Edition

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Inspired by the resurgence of Name of the Year and the article just now about Grambling State, I decided to host our own little competition on Sidespin.


Because it's Friday afternoon, and because I don't know how to make a poll, we'll just do a sweet 16 style "bracket," with four groups of four. Your job, should you choose to, is to pick your favorite name from each group of four, and hopefully justify why. I tried to roughly seed the groups based on my own opinions, so as to not have any groups of death, as us soccer fans say.

These are all the names of real people. The inspiration from Grambling State? All these names are individuals on the current 2013 roster of schools that are in the SWAC, Grambling State's conference. Hell, some of these players may be on Grambling State. Isn't that exciting?


Without further ado, here are your October 18, 2013 groups:

Emeritus Ruined Deadspin Group:

Ka'Jandre Domino (2)

O'Darius Williams

Alvintae Kirksey (2)

Demechery Hickingbottom (8)

* * *

AJ Ruined Deadspin Group:

Tollete George

Noble Johnson (4)

Felando Warr (5)

Sir Jackson (3)

* * *

Craggs Ruined Deadspin Group:

Quinteris Toppings (5)

Rodregus Scruggs (5)

Chartavious Keith (2)

Jaymason Lee

* * *

Denton Ruined Everything Group:

Kreshun King (2)

Jaborian McKenzie (1)

Ja’Quez Bowser (3)

Jaypee Philbert (6)

* * *

Enjoy, and may the best 4 represent the finest our country has to offer!


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