A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

Chid threatens to have a great new game at noon EST on Friday. Let’s put last week’s to bed by revealing the wrongest answers to Name That Retro Couple. The authors’ names have been removed to protect the guilty.

The contestants were given just the first names and asked to give the last name and show title. I added the (correct and wrong) answers below. The bold ones in italics are my favorite wrong answers.

1.Jock and Ellie Ewing (Dallas) - I Jocked Your Mom 

2.Oscar and Blanche Madison (The Odd Couple) - wilde, the odd couple

3.Barney and Betty Rubble (The Flintstones) - Fife, Andy Griffith show 

4.Tom and Helen Willis (The Jeffersons) -Waite, go to Helen Waite 

5.Ward and June Cleaver (Leave It To Beaver) - Leave Me In Your Beaver

6.Mike and Carol Brady (The Brady Bunch) - Seaver, growing pains 

7.Archie and Edith Bunker (All In The Family) - Ballin’ Your Family 

8.Max and 99 Smart (Get Smart) - Robot, something about robots

9.Mike and Gloria Stivic (All In The Family) - Not brady

10.Walter and Maude Findlay (Maude) - Mondale, 1984 presidential election

11.Howard and Marion Cunningham (Happy Days) - Cunningham, All in the Family

12.Joe and Rhoda Gerard (Rhoda) - Okay I’m bored now

13.Ted and Georgette Baxter (The Mary Tyler Moore Show) - holy shit - how long does this thing go?


14.George and Louise Jefferson (The Jeffersons) - N/A

15.Lou and Edie Grant (The Mary Tyler Moore Show) - N/A

16.B.J. and Peg Hunnicutt (M*A*S*H) - handy, mash

17.Rob and Laura Petrie (The Dick Van Dyke Show) - Neil and Bob

18.Bob and Emily Hartley (The Bob Newhart Show) - gilmore, the gilmore girls

19.Fred and Wilma Flintstone (The Flintstones) - This one again?

20.John and Sue Ellen Ewing (Dallas) - Doll Ass

21.Felix and Gloria Unger (The Odd Couple) - steinem, the odd couple

22.Henry and Muriel Rush (Too Close For Comfort) - ‘s wedding 

23.Tony and Jeannie Nelson (I Dream Of Jeannie) - 50 shades grayer 

24.Lars and Phyllis Lindstrom (The Mary Tyler Moore Show) - Munster, Munsters

25.Ricky and Lucy Ricardo ( I Love Lucy) - Arnaz, I Love Lucy

26.Thurston and Luvy Howell (Gilligan’s Island) - Oops, I left this one out of the quiz. You all would have gotten it, right?

27.Mike and Jill Danko (The Rookies) - bought a zoo

28.Bob and Pam Ewing (Dallas) - Stop!

29.Ray and Donna Krebs (Dallas) - ummm goodfellas

30.Gomez and Morticia Addams (The Addams Family) - can I answer in the form of a gif?


31.Darrin and Samantha Stephens (Bewitched) - I Dream of Jeannie

32.Herman and Lily Munster (The Munsters) - shoot me now

33.Joshua Bolt and Candy Pruitt (Here Come The Brides) - Mongo like candy

34.George and Jane Jetson (The Jetsons) - Why do chicks love horses?

35.Jerry and Millie Helper (The Dick Van Dyke Show) - No Germans, thanks

36.Daryl Dragon and Toni Tennille (The Captain and Tennille) - Haulin’ Oates

37.Sonny and Cher Bono (Sonny and Cher) - N/A

38.Chip and Polly Douglas (My Three Sons) - wanna cracker

39.Oliver and Lisa Douglas (Green Acres) - smell

40.Sherman and Mildred Potter (M*A*S*H) - up yours

41.Donald and Margaret Penobscott (M*A*S*H) - eat poo

42.Buddy and Pickles Sorrell (The Dick Van Dyke Show) - Things I do with your mom

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