You idiots truly lived up to this pool's namesake. There's likely some selection bias in our sample size, but not one of you 38 clowns managed to pick this year's national champion, the Duke University Blue Devils. Even noted Coach K fan BBAM failed to pick them to reach the Final Four.

Poignant Theater backed into first place despite not having his champion pick Arizona even make the Final Four. HiLo Silver finished second and JacquesLeftFeet rounded out the top three, with just one point separating them.

Derry Murbles, who seemed to have outsmarted the group early with his upset special bracket dropped off the podium in the final week.

And then there's the poor Wisconsin Badgers. America's Sweethearts. The guys who play the game "the Right Way." The giant slayers who were gonna take down the evil empire. They just couldn't get the job done.

My anti-Wisconsin bias has been made quite clear throughout this tournament, and I enjoyed more than a bit of schadenfreude as the Badgers couldn't speed up their offense in the last minute to close the gap. I do feel a little bad for our friend HiLo Silver, who in addition to finishing second made an epic cross country trek from Cali to Indy to see his beloved team blow a nine point lead in the second half. His story is quite funny and you can follow it using #trektoindy . Here are a few highlights, but you should really go check out the whole thing.




Hope you guys enjoyed following the tourney this year. It was a good one.

Final Standings